Investigations for Corporate and Commercial Sectors

Corporate Investigation

Analyzing company’s ownership, nature of business activities, financial status of directors, media reports on the company and other information.

Pre-employment Screening

Includes employment history, background checks.

Due Diligence

Corporate and individual. Includes court searches, surveillance, property asset searches, verifying family circumstances and relationships.

Employee Fraud Investigations

Verifying business situation, the subject’s character, background, existing financial circumstances, work activities and relationships and other legal evidence required.

Intellectual Property Investigations

Includes test purchase and gathering legal evidence.

Commercial Fraud Investigations

Includes tracking shipment of missing cargo, verifying transactions that should have occurred, corporate and personal due diligence, and other legal evidence required.

Financial Investigations

Verifying the financial status of a company and/or an individual such as bankruptcy records, assets and liabilities information.

Forensic Accounting Services

An audit and analysis of the balance sheet, profit and loss statements against reported business activities.

Insurance Claims Verification

Confirm identity and location of beneficiary, verify claimant’s eligibility for payout.

Risk Management Services

Security risk assessments
in new and volatile locations
Security audits of office
and factory premises
Protection Services

Business Feasibility Studies

Business feasibility studies involved gathering, compiling, analyzing and interpreting information on a specific product, target market, or subject matter which is crucial to the client for the strategic planning purposes.

The process of gathering the information can involve the below:

Market Survey
Competitor Intelligence
Research from primary and secondary sources of information
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