Client Concerns  

1. How to engage a security service?
Orizon Security Services would need an audit plan to assess and review the facilities on the ground. The scope of work required of our officers would be taken into account. Equipment and tools used would defer according to sectors and industries. The company would quote depending on various aspects and responsibilities. Contact us below to know more.
2. What kind of security services do my area require?
A site visit would be ideal to judge the service required at the sector. Recommendations and advice would be given accordingly after a visit. There are many factors to take into consideration, such as the number of security officers, patrol route, surveillance cameras to be installed at vulnerable spots, entry access point, etc. To know more in detail, contact us below for help!
3. What are the costs of security guards?
Charges differ according to ranking of officers needed for duty, number of manpower and responsibilities. Other aspects of the site might affect quotation. An accurate quote can only be given after assessment of the site and requirements by client. Contact us below to know more.
4. Are the surveillance cameras supervised?
Surveillance services provided are kept an eye on round-the-clock to keep our clients’ premises safe. Quick response team is always ready to handle situations spotted with cameras. Contact us below to know more.
5. Can I hire a security guard just for a few days of service?
Orizon Security Services provide event-based guards for ad-hoc activities, customized services. Length of services would play a part mainly in respect to charges. Contact us below to know more.
6. Are security guards trained?
Orizon security officers are all certified and licensed by the Police Licensing and Regulatory Department (PLRD). Security officers go through a series of interviews to ensure they meet our requirements. Security officers are also required to undergo our own induction program. Our officers are deployed according to the preference of clients and the sectors that suit them to ensure quality services provided. 
7. How are security agencies graded?
Grading is done to classify Security Agencies based on their training and technology, use of systematic processes, and employment practices. These are the main criteria being looked at when it comes to grading. Refer to this link for more information.
8. What is Orizon Security Services’ grading?
The company’s grading is exempted in 2019. Our next grading exercise is in 2020. Many companies have trusted our services even though it is exempted. Orizon Security Services have constantly received great feedback from clients. We are constantly improving and making necessary changes for our services to meet the needs of clients. Refer to this link for more information.
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