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Security Officer

General Screening

Guarding & Patrolling

Access & Egress Control

Basic Incident Response

Senior Security Officer

Incident Response

Manage Security

@ Safety Systems

Regulate Traffic

(Road Traffic Act)

Monitor CCTV /

Central Alarm /

Fire Command Centre

Assist State /

Auxiliary Police

in Law Enforcement

Key Press Management

Security Supervisor



& Reporting

Direct Supervision


Evacuation Plans & Exercises

Senior Security Supervisor

In-Charge of

CCTV Centre /

Central Alarm

Monitoring Centre /

Fire Command Centre

Conduct Security

& Risk Assessment

Higher Supervision


Security Officer

Supervision Management

Form & Lead Security Watch Groups​

Security & Contingency

Planning for Large Scale Events


How to become

a Security Officer?

Security Officer (SO)

All security officers need to obtain a license from the Police Licensing & Regulatory Department (PLRD).

To apply for a security officer’s license, it has to be done through the GoBusiness Licensing platform.

Individuals have to go for Workforce Skills Qualification (WSQ) Basic Security Course and be certified before the license can be approved.

There are three modules to pass under WSQ;

  • Provide Guard and Patrol Services
  • Provide Incident Management Services or Handle Security Incidents and Services
  • Recognize Terrorist Threats

Both modules have to be passed under the Licensing Conditions otherwise one would be considered as untrained.

After getting the security officer license, experience and additional training modules have to be completed in order to progress and obtain higher ranks. 

Senior Security Officer (SSO)

To be able to be promoted to become a senior security officer, at least 6 months of experience is needed as a security officer. There are two other certificate modules to be cleared.

The two compulsory modules are; 

  • Manage Disorderly Conduct and Threatening Behavior
  • Operate Basic Security Equipment

With sufficient experience and certifications, a security officer can easily be promoted to a senior security officer.

Security Supervisor (SS) 

After a year of experience as a senior security officer, individuals can further promote to a security supervisor. At least a year of senior security officer experience is needed. There are three other criteria.

An advanced licensing unit and two advanced modules are needed to be completed before promotion.

The modules required are;

  • Supervise Security Officers (Mandatory licensing unit)
  • Induct Security Personnel
  • Assess and Address Security Risks
  • Perform Supervisory Duties with Legal Framework

With the above training, officers can be more adept as a security supervisor.

Senior Security Supervisor (SSS)

With more than one year and six months of experience as a security supervisor, the officer can go for more training to be promoted to senior security supervisor. The requirement is four advanced modules (full advanced certificate) 

Certification of modules needed are;

  • Monitor and Review Security Operation (Mandatory)
  • Conduct Operation Briefing and Debriefing 
  • Lead and Manage a Team of Security Officer
  • Performing Monitoring and Reporting Duties at Central Command Centre 
  • Deploy Security Equipment
  • Contribute to the Management of Security Incidents
  • Supervise Crowd and Traffic Control Activities

The modules stated above are very important for a skilled senior security supervisor to be able to take on the roles and responsibilities given with the rank.

Chief Security Officer (CSO)

Two years of senior security supervisor experience is required before advancing to chief security officer. Along with experience, three diploma modules must be completed in order for an officer to be able to call himself a chief security officer.

The diploma modules are as follows;

  • Manage Security Operations
  • Achieve Work Effectiveness in Security Environment
  • Manage and Resolve Conflict in Security Environment

With the above requirements, the rank of a chief security officer can be achieved.

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